Mobility Bed Rail 5850

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The Mobility Rail by Stander provides independence, balance, and safety in the comfort of your home and helps to prevent falls in the bedroom. This one of a kind bed assist bar allows you or your loved ones to safely transfer in and out of bed. The swing out mobility arm provides support every step of the way, plant the non-slip leg firmly on the floor and move it with you as you transition in and out of bed. Fold the hand rail against the side of the bed handle when not in use. This bed rail is perfect for those who lack mobility, suffer from loss of balance, or are recovering from surgery. The included organizer pouch is perfect for keeping your everyday personal items close by.


Getting out of bed just got easier with the Mobility Bed Rail from Stander. The unique swing-out mobility arm is perfect for anyone that has to transfer out of bed to a wheelchair or walker. The swing-out arm will move with you as you get out of bed and will give you a sturdy hand to hold on to every step of the way.


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